'I am so delighted with my little kitten Cara Mia, she is a loving little girl with beautiful color.  It was a little difficult for me to buy
a kitten site unseen, but Vicki sent me photos of the kitten from her birth till when we met and held her in my arms. This is my 5th
abby in over 30 years and I am Aby crazy.  Vicki fulfilled my wish to own another after the death of my last Aby.  It is difficult to
find breeders and Vicki is an exceptional  breeder, caring, and responsible and keeps her word.  How lucky one is to find her and be apart of her family.'

Rita (Frost)

This is a "placed kitten". Cara Mia and her brother Ali Baba.

Hello my name is Guarionex. I found the breeder of my Abyssinian, on a Fanciers Breeder Referral List webpage. Her name is Vicki White, and she clear all my doubts about this marvelous breed of cat. She is a lovely person, and with her babies more. My kitten was given to me in perfect health conditions, with all vaccines up to date. She kept me informed about all about my Lucy, via pictures and text messages. If you are looking for a trusted abyssinian  breeder, I recomend her 100%. I looking forward to get another kitten from her in a near future.
You would be hard pressed to find a better breeder than Vicki White, of Belisama Cattery! She is knowledgeable, eager to answer any and all questions, and really cares about her cats. My family has had our fair share of Abyssinian cats in the past, so we’ve met a lot of breeders, but the experience we had with Vicki was unparalleled. She kept us updated from birth to pickup on our furbabies and even sent us weekly photos and videos! She made us feel so involved in our kittens’ lives even before we met them. They are two of the most beautiful cats we’ve ever seen, even our vet fawns over them, and they are extremely loving; two big cuddle bugs! Our male kitten greets everyone who comes into our home with a head bump! Between her impeccable communication with us and her gorgeous cats, we feel lucky to have found such a wonderful breeder!

Alexis Brown. Owner of Rhett and Scarlet.

From Melissa Famularo Curcy, owner of Luna Mae.

We had such a wonderful experience with Vicki.  This was our first experience with a breeder and things could not have been any better. We were fortunate enough to have been in contact with Vicki prior to Luna Mae's arrival.  It was wonderful to get updates on how Lucky's pregnancy was going and to hear and see pics from the delivery. Even though we were not able to meet Luna Mae until she was 8 weeks old, Vicki made us feel that we were an important part of Luna Mae's life from day one by sending us pictures, videos and updates on her weight, eating and habits.  Vicki invited us to her home to meet Luna Mae and the family.  We were so pleased to have had the opportunity to meet our precious Luna Mae as well as her parents and siblings. At that meeting we knew we had made the right choice.  It was heartwarming to see how well cared for, loved and special each cat was treated.
Vicki is one of the most trustworthy and responsible cat breeders I know. I was fortunate enough to come across her at a cat show and later on to adopt my beautiful Abyssinian kitten. She is the most sweetest kitten I've ever cherished. My little Aby is everything I expected from a perfect kitten from day one.