The babies are handled daily by me, and, are allowed to run the house to socialize when they have their first FVRCP vaccination at 8 weeks. I provide the first two FVRCP vaccines and deworming. FVRCP vaccines are due at 8, 12, and, 16 weeks. If they are still with me at 16 weeks of age, I will provide the third FVRCP and rabies vaccines.

Depending on the maturity of the kittens, they usually may go to their forever homes at 12 weeks of age. Vaccination records accompany the kittens to their new home, along with the signed contract. A deposit is required to hold the kitten of your choice.

The kittens will be registered in TICA and CFA. This paperwork will be provided to the new owner upon spaying/neutering confirmation.

When you have decided to bring a new kitten in to your home and lives, I encourage setting up a time to come and see the kitten in person. This may occur after 8 weeks of age, and, their first shot. I will provide photos as the kittens grow, upon request. This is a good time for us to go over the agreement, make a deposit, and, give you the kitten's food list.

When it is time to take your kitten home, please do not forget an appropriate carrier, or, travel cage. For long trips, I advise a litter box also. Any outstanding monies will be due at this time.