I have placed kittens and adult abyssinians in the Mid-Atlantic and
New England areas.

All babies are delivered under supervision. My breeding program is based largely on the health of the breed, and, the sweetness of the kittens. My goal is to better the conformation and standards of the Abyssinian breed.

All kittens are FeLV and FIV negative, and,  ringworm free. My Abys are placed as indoor only, neutered and spayed, and, not declawed.

Kittens are raised under foot with no caging. Interaction with humans and noises are from birth, to help socialize them early in their lives.

As of the beginning of August, my girls will start to deliver their litters. Ruddy, red or cinnamon, blue, and, fawn are all possible in my litters.

My kittens come from Grand Champion, National Winners, Regional Winners, Breed Winners, and, Supreme Grand Champion lines.
(In TICA and CFA).

Abys are very active, and, are little clowns in fur coats. They like to help their persons with everything. So if you are looking for sweet personalities in the "ever ready bunny mode, this may be the breed for you!